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Indigo Energy focuses on factory (C&I) rooftop projects in Myanmar. Our business model is to invest directly in the system itself and sell electricity on a monthly basis to our clients. In general, we are able to offer an attractive discount to our clients by entering into a long term agreement to sell energy over many years.

Our clients are still connected to the grid, so they can always run their business … even at night! This business model is one that is well established in the US, Europe, and most parts of Asia (including Thailand and the Philippines).

Direct Sales

While our main focus is on factory rooftops, occasionally our clients decide to invest in the solar system directly. This option is good for companies who are willing to make the upfront investment in the solar equipment to operate themselves at their facility or for projects which are too small for third party investment. If this option is of interest to you, please get in touch via our Contact page.


As we have long experience in the Myanmar energy sector, occasionally we have done consulting projects for foreign companies who are interested in entering the Myanmar market. Since we began our operations in the energy access/rural electrification space, we have aided a number of companies to perform pre-feasibility work for micro-grids and evaluate solar home system (SHS) opportunities. If you are considering to enter the Myanmar electricity market, let us know how we can help you by getting in touch through our Contact page.