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Engineering Services Project References

Philippines Real Estate Developer

Location: Philippines

Project capacity: 6MWp


  • Feasibility study including Energy Yield Assessment 
  • Structural Analysis 
  • Key equipment recommendation
  • Conceptual design
  • Contract support from a techno-commercial perspective

Japanese Renewables Developer

Location: Southeast Asia 

Project capacity: 100+ projects and 35+MWp in total


  • Provide energy yield assessment (EYA) with PVsyst 
  • Draw solar panel layout in Helioscope, consolidate with project specific information in the AutoCAD format provided by the client

Regional Infrastructure Developer

Location: Myanmar

Project capacity: 40kWp with 215kWh battery storage


  • Assessment including
  • Revenue Optimization 
  • Warranty Management
  • Reporting
  • Technical Asset Management

Regional Renewables Developer

Location: Myanmar

Project capacity: 30MW and 50MW


  • Utility Scale Tender Technical Documentation Preparation
  • Engineering Assessment

Philippines Solar Developer

Location: Myanmar


  • Prepare pre feasibility study for 9 villages located in Shan State and Chin State under DRD Min-Grid CfP2 program


Location: Myanmar


  • Retrofit Solution of an Existing Site
  • Pre-packaged Container Solution (Solar modules and Battery)


Location: Myanmar


Provided power monitoring data collection and analysis for three different aquaculture industries.  Specifically

  • High quality installation of load measurement device
  • Basic processing of raw data output 
  • Basic presentation and overview of results

Solar EPC Project References

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Yadanar Rice Mill


Chaung Thar Lodge Hotel

Junction Square


Dana Thahar Ya Rice Mill


Mediland Hospital

Home and Office Projects 

Since 2018, Indigo Energy has been installing home and office projects for the clients throughout Myanmar.  We have built not only on-grid projects to reduce their electricity consumption during day time but also hybrid projects to be green and provide power supply during blackout time. 

See more photos here!

Operation and Maintenance Projects

With 10+ years of experience and a strong track record in providing solar power in Myanmar, we have expertise in operation and maintenance for solar projects. Along with accurate techniques and high-standard quality equipment, our O&M service mainly includes monitoring, reporting, preventative and corrective maintenance.

Chaung Thar Lodge Hotel

Myanbisco Factory

Indochina Energy Partners

Mediland Hospital

Myanmar Institute of Theology